15 August 2012

Videos: Vator Spark Get Game? How to Gamify Your Start-up

On May 1, 2012 Vator Spark held an event called Get Game? How to Gamify Your Start-up where they gathered thought-leaders behind these start-ups for a full-day learning event to explore how to incorporate the science of behavior and human motivation to achieve best practices around product design and marketing.

The science behind applying these kind of engagement techniques is called Gamification.

I've previously written about Gamification relating to Energy Reduction.

I recorded a few video excerpts from the event where you'll learn the latest insights into this space. Enjoy!

1. Video Excerpt: The Science of Gamification", Dr. Michael Wu, Chief Scientist, Lithium Technologies
Gamification made it into Gartner’s Hype Cycle as an Emergent Technology in 2011. But what is gamification? It is certainly not about social games like FarmVille, or the blind application of badges like FourSquare. More importantly, why does it work? What’s the magic behind gamification that can apparently make people do something that they normally don’t? This session not only addresses these questions, it will do so through the lens of behavioral economics and psychology. It will provide you with a framework, which you may use to evaluate the effectiveness of any future gamification strategies. Moreover, you can use it as a design paradigm to create your own gamification.

2. Video Excerpt “Why People Play: A Player Personality Map for the Digital Age” by Jonny Shaw, Founder NakedPlay and Chethan Ramachandran, Founder and CEO Playnomics
This session will examine why people play and what their play patterns reveal about them as human beings. Based on real data examples drawn from active social and online game environments, the presenters will introduce a comprehensive player personality map that will help anyone using game mechanics segment and target their customer base. The session will be jointly presented by Playnomics and Naked Communications, the pioneers in predicting player behavior for game publishers, brands, and e-commerce companies.
Part One

Part Two

3. Video Excerpt "Designing Enterprise Applications that Stick" by Chris Duskin, Vice President of Products, Badgeville.com
Part One

Part Two

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